The 2017 List Of The Highest Paid Actors Shows Much More Than Just The Figures.

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In the industry of popularity and fame, petty issues like gender biases and inequality exist. Yes, you read that right!

Celebrities also face the gender discrimination when it comes to being paid for their talent. The highest paid actors list of the 2017 shows the pay gap between actors and actresses of the same standard, which is quite disappointing.

However, the list tops with names like Mark Wahl berg, Dwayne, and Vin Diesel ranked as the top 3, whereas the female actors take a lead at the 15th rank. The female actor list tops with Emma Stone with a pay of $ 26 million. On the other hand Mark Wahl berg, ranked 1st among the list earns a figure of $ 68 million.

Highest Paid Actors

Although this pay difference is in terms of their respected roles with male actors taking a lead in superhero movies where females only play the role of a supporting star.

According to a survey in 2016, it is observed that women comprise of only 28.7% of the vocal and prominent roles in movies. This is a result in a lower paycheck

One would be surprised to know that only 3 actresses made more than 20 million dollars in a time frame of 12 months. The names are:

  1. Emma Stone with $26 million

  2. Jennifer Aniston $25.5 million

  3. Jennifer Lawrence $24 million

Emma Stone has been quite vocal about this pay disparity issue in the past, but this variation continues.  She mentioned that it is not about feminism but it is about the same industry, the same level of talent and the same level of respect.

Though actors now are more vocal about this issue but the trend still continues as it is.