Drug Companies Increase Sales with Gift Policy

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Drug companies have discovered a genuine method to increase the sale of their medicines especially the expensive ones. They have found that the sale of meds can rise considerably if they give away gifts ranging from small to expensive gifts to the health care providers. The method works amazingly and brings startling results.

Gifts to Doctors

The gifts distributed in a year (2013) among health care providers were as small as $7 to $200,000 in cash. Regardless of their value, they brought shocking results. The medical professionals who received gifts prescribed an average of 892 prescriptions while others who did not receive the gifts prescribed 389 prescriptions only.

Amazing Effects

The study was run by Georgetown University Medical Center and it shows the powerful effect of gifts on business and human relationships. Even the pharmaceutical companies can gain the best results of giving away the gifts.

Expensive Medicine Sale

It is observed that the larger the gifts were, the higher was the percentage of expensive medicines.  The healthcare providers who received gifts worth less than $500 a year issued prescriptions worth $114 but those practitioners who received gifts worth more than $500 a year issued prescriptions worth $189; even the brand name prescription increased by 40%.

Freedom of Action

Lobbyist Paul Miller is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, March 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

There are no national laws that prohibit the physicians and medical professionals to accept gifts from drug companies and prescribe the medicines that the companies urge. 

Should this be  Common Business Behavior?


Corporate gifts are an old tradition in the business world but this study shows a sharp turn in the future of patients’ health and the relation of health care providers to pharmaceutical companies. Some experts from the medical world view this gift policy as a dangerous practice when it comes to the health and care of patients. After all medicine production is not only business but a matter of life and death of the sick people!