5 Automobiles to Drive with Style and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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The automobile industry is bursting with new styles, colors and technology every single day. But the majority of the cars are driven with fuel and petrol which of course harms the environment. However, there are some companies that are doing their best to producing “greener cars”. Check out the hottest green cars of 2017 below:

Ford C-Max

Healthy Lifestyle

Working with an electric motor, this vehicle has a 4 cylinder engine and 188 horsepower. Its interior space is wide and spacious helping many people to pile over as well as luggage in the back. It can cover 42 miles/gallon.

Audi A3 e-Tron

This Audi plug-in hybrid has a manually shifted DCT while also proudly exhibiting its 204 horsepower. Not to mention it looks pretty neat, don’t you think so? The retailer also says that the hatchback is big and spacious making it just the right-pick for everyone.

Tesla Model 3

Everyone can vouch for the fact that all of Tesla’s cars are simply impeccably amazing. It runs 215 miles on each charge and is worth around $35K. Moreover, autopilot is another feature of this beast vehicle.

Chevrolet Bolt

Speedy, strong and sexier than any other automobile you are looking forward to purchasing, the Chevrolet Bolt boasts of 200 horsepower. And it can go to 60 miles per hour in exactly 6.5 seconds. Clocked and loaded! Its compact design helps you to park it anywhere but conversely, the car’s interior is very spacious.

Honda Clarity

The Honda Company is renowned to always provide its customers with their money’s worth and produce the most reliable and sleekest automobiles. The Honda Clarity has a 366 mile range and complete integrated fuel cell technology. The interior is also big and wide while the whole vehicle is manufactured with 80% recycled products.