5 Easy Ways to Save on Health Care

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Health care can be costly and if you are finding your plan is not sufficient for your health needs, here are 5 ways to save cash for your health care.
1. LivingSocial or Groupon

Find incredible discounts and buy your needs without splurging a lot. Make an account of LivingSocial or Groupon. There are services like teeth cleaning, X-rays, medical massages, and much more than you do not need to buy a plan or pay more for it.

2. Free care Offers
Some employers offer free blood pressure tests, flu shots and some other simple health screening for free. Find out what your employer offers. Many pharmacies also offer flu shots for free at the start of the season. Check your insurance plan and find out several free services that are included in every insurance plan.

3. Training Medical Schools Offer Discounts
Medical colleges have medical clinics set on their premises. The students offer medical care to the patents as part of their training and always it is highly affordable or free in some cases.

4. Avoid Emergency Room
For minor injuries or conditions that can be controlled with some care, do not go to the emergency room; it is always expensive. 63 percent of the emergency visitors are not in a life-threatening condition, according to data collected by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

5. Generic drugs
Generic drugs cost 85 percent cheaper than branded drugs. Sometimes a drug can cost ten times more only because it is a known brand. Make sure you check more than one medical store to find the drugs you need at cheap price instead of asking for branded drugs.
With these 5 ways, you can save on your health care and stop worrying about the health insurance that may fall short for your medical needs.