5 Exercises at Home Can Compensate Your Gym Sessions

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5 Exercises at Home Can Compensate You Gym Sessions

Going to a gym is not a practical option for many of us. And sometimes it can be impossible. Does it mean you do not shape-up? No, not at all! There are a few exercises that can make you look like a gym addict if you do them at home regularly. Here are the top five. Do them in the comfort of your home and enjoy great fitness!

Classic Pushups

This is a great start for strengthening upper body fitness. The muscles in your arms, chest, back and shoulders are all toned up with this. Your muscles grow stronger and you can try more variations of pushups to target the muscles you want to grow faster. Watch a video closely to learn how you should manage pushups without bending your legs or straining your back.


After the upper body, focus on your lower body. Squats are perfect for this and you can tone up your body’s largest muscles. Firm, smart and attractive looking bodies always stay regular with squats. This has an added benefit and that is called Excess Post-Workout Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) means your body keeps on burning fat for longer time even after you are done with squats.


Most of the people depend on crunches for building strong abs. But planks are better than crunches as they bring greater results. They are less strenuous on the spine and help you to get 6-pack abs.

Side Planks

Never set side-planks aside. They are great for the middle part of your body. The quadratus lumborum muscles are usually weak and making them strong is an essential part of your body fitness program. You need to do planks on both sides of your body to address every weakness in your muscles and joint of the midsection. Side planks are also crucial for the spine health. 


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Lean back against a wall and make a 90 degree position with your body without a chair.  This looks as if you are sitting on a stool but it is a muscle strengthening exercise that keeps your glutes, squads and calf excellent.