5 Raw Foods that Keep Your Skin Glowing and Flawless

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Plenty of skin care products entice us every day to look young and attractive but what nutrition can do to our skin, nothing else can. Our food choices determine the level of our beauty as well as health and fitness. Here are five foods that are consumed easy and they taste delicious; no cooking and no forceful eating. These are superfoods for our skin:

1. Apples

The combination of vitamin C, Copper, and iron in apples is essential for collagen production. They also boost melanin production which promises smooth and beautiful skin.

2. Tomatoes

The antioxidant lycopene in the tomatoes is a natural skin guard against aging, weather extremities and roughness. Eating raw tomatoes in salads on regular basis can free you from spending on SPF-50 creams.

3. Nuts

Most of us love nuts and this news should add to our joy that eating nuts especially pistachios and walnuts provide strong protection to the skin. Rich in vitamin B and E, both nuts keep on rebuilding the damaged cells of our skin. Vitamin B in blood keeps the skin looking young and glowing.

4. Spinach

Spinach contains a high level of phytonutrients which are responsible for general body health especially the skin. Beta-carotene and lutein improve skin elasticity bring shine to it. You can grow spinach in your little garden and enjoy ultra-fresh green goodies for the flawless enviable skin.

5. Berries

This mouth-watering fruit is not just delicious but highly useful for your skin. They are antioxidants and are rich in fiber. Berries are also packed with Vitamin C which is the main ingredient for glowing young skin.
Make these fruits a part of your regular diet and enjoy them as after meal joy or snacks that come handy while watching movies or playing cards. Instead of grubbing a packet of chips and a bottle of fizzy drink, go for these natural snacks.