5 Tips on How to Love an Anxious Person

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5 Tips on How to Love an Anxious Person

Mental disorders and sicknesses are shockingly becoming way more frequent in the youth of nowadays. The reasons being plenty and not the point that is to be addressed today! Instead, you could learn a thing or two on how to love and be in a relationship with a person suffering from anxiety. Check it out:

They Need Time

Anxious people do not believe in love at first sight and if they do, their anxiety attacks. They feel worthless, unable to be loved and most of all distrustful of your actual intentions. You need to be patient; give them space and time and continue to love them as you do.

Diamond Hearts

Pun intended! Their hearts are made of diamonds but also have an exterior as hard as a diamond. They will guard their feelings and hide their true emotions simply because they are scared of hurting you, caring too much for you or afraid of having their heart broken.

No Future Discussions

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Anxious lovers prefer not to talk of their future whether it is a bright or dull discussion. Talk of another upcoming day leads to their brain overthinking everything and they will “anxiety” themselves into a panic attack. Live in the moment with them!

They Don’t Mean It

They will ignore you; reply shortly, snap or even say something rude because that’s their anxiety talking. They don’t mean it. Give them time, some space and some lovin’ and they’ll be alright.


It’s not an easy ride loving an anxious man or a woman. A frequent habit of theirs is to prefer isolation and distant themselves from their SO. Usually when they’re hopelessly in love with you, they tend to do that. Take that as a hint and act accordingly i.e respect their space, give them all the time they need and assure them that you still love them.