What Is A Binge Eating Disorder And How To Detect It

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It is very popular nowadays for mental disorders and sicknesses to be regarded with minor importance and brushed off as if they are not actually life threatening situations. One of the most dangerous disorders is the binge eating disorder and it results in obesity all around the world. If you don’t know about this disorder and how to detect it, this is for you:

Binge Eating Disorder


There is a stark difference between eating your share at a buffet/big dinner and eating your way through an unhealthy amount of food on regular basis. People who suffer from binge eating will find themselves compelled to stuff their bellies with an unhealthy amount of food at least once a week. The binges come more frequently when the disorder worsens.


The reasons are plenty in number, bingers usually always are distressed, ashamed and embarrassed of their actions that they can’t control. Binging becomes more like an addiction that they can’t pull away from, and they end up hiding it from their closest ones and feeling distressed about it.

Bulimia VS Binge Eating

People tend to mix up these two up because of their very similar symptoms. But with bulimic people, they tend to throw up, intake laxatives and unhealthily exercise after binging. Whereas bingers, only intake the food.

What Causes Binge Eating?

Just like any other mental sickness, binge eating cannot be determined. It usually pertains to the genes, family background and most of all mental health. Trauma in life results in shaky mental health which eventually leads to binge eating.

All’s Not Lost

If you know a binger or are a binger, there is hope. There is always hope! First of all, get diagnosed. See a doctor as quick as you can. From there on your recovery starts, stay strong! It always gets better. Read some recovery stories and reach out to acquaintances for moral support. Anything is possible.