Drug Addiction Is A Moral Test for the US

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Addiction is often looked upon as an immoral practice. People seem to forget addiction is a disease and very difficult to treat. This is apparent from the message of U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy who called addiction of  US citizens a “moral test for America.”

drug addiction

The office of Surgeon General has addressed the abuse issue as a moral problem and has suggested that the people who use addictive substances to be treated with care. It is especially important for people to know that addicts are ordinary people with a sickness. This can have great influence on the society and can change the experience and opinion of addicts in society. 50 years ago such a call from  the Surgeon General against tobacco moved  people against cigarettes.

How Many Addicts Receive Treatment



The shocking fact is that only 10 percent of the drug abusing community receives the treatment. There are millions who go untreated. The Surgeon General Office recommended  increasing community-based programs, advanced training of health workers etc. These improved methods ensure more facilities for treating drug abuse that is widely spreading.

Opioids Addiction is Most Widely Spread

drug addiction

The report evaluates addiction and abuse of substances spread widely through a big number of drugs. But the opioids crisis in the US shows that substance abuse is much worse than ever before. Almost 30,000 people die every year in the US alone because of  heroin.

Spreading the Message


People should come together hand in hand to spread the message of the Surgeon General to each and every American. It is really a moral test for the nation and each citizen needs to pass it to make it easy for addicts to cure themselves of the abuse or addiction that has destroyed their lives.