Who Are The Most Endangered Animals in The World?

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Animal extinction is no longer a secret, and everyone is shockingly aware at how fast the rate of extinction is growing. But, extensive studies and small yet useful actions are being taken against this impending doom. With a recent study conducted on which animals are most likely to die out, some interesting results popped up that would be of major importance to every conscious person in the world. Take a read:

The Biggest Creatures

It is strange how the biggest animals like the white rhinoceros, Asian elephant, and Mediterranean monk seal are going extinct. This new study delves in to why exactly the biggest beasts are dying out. The reason being simple; us! Humans take a liking to killing and hunting the biggest animals to boast about their new kill and how hard it was to kill that animal. That encourages other hunters also to hunt more large animals and thus the larger part of the animal kingdom is nearing its lights-out.

The Tiny Ones

Surprisingly, the middle sized animals are not that much of a target. It’s the tiny ones who are feeling most attacked. Why? According to BBC; deforestation, pollution of clean water bodies, farming and construction development are the 4 most concerning and destructing aspects to why little animals are going extinct. Habitat degradation is also a major concern. Some of the small animals facing extinctions are armadillos, pocket mice, Bighorn sheep, Egyptian tortoise, Axolotl salamander, red panda, etc.

So What Is The Verdict?

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Thankfully, there are environmental groups and awareness programs up and running to help stall this ever growing issue. The number one step humanity can take is reducing their wild meat consumption rate. There are enough animals at breeding factories, butcher shops and food markets…there is no need to go out of your way to hunt other animals that are actually not for eating. It is evident by the proof that researchers currently have, that the growing human population will result in countless species going completely extinct.