Financial Times Makes a Scrutinized “Sifting” for Nominating Its Future Editor

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Financial Times

Financial Times is looking for an editor fit and smart for the job. For this purpose, the expert editor Lionel Barber has taken a team of editors by the likes of James Lamont, Gillian Tett, Roula Khalaf, Alec Russell, and Robert Shrimsley with him to Tokyo to meet the executives.

Barber, who is now 62, is serious to choose the most efficient and understanding editor for the magazine to replace him after he steps down. Since Financial Times has progressed in the digital world significantly under the editorship of Barber. Now, the main concern of the magazine is to keep up the success glory.

Speculation goes for Tett as the future editor especially because she was promoted as the editor of US Magazine in 2010. But Khalaf has more chances to be appointed as one since she worked as the deputy of Barber.  Choice of any of these will bring a female face for the first time in the office of FT in the past 129 years.

Robert Shrimsley is famous for his great digital knowledge and experience.  Other choices which also can prove to be a good option for the magazine are Alec Russell, James Lamont, and Peter Spiegel. Barber is faced with a tough choice and that is why he is running an accurate scrutiny as who can be the best candidate.

The financial publisher Nikkei with whom Barber is meeting in Tokyo respects and likes Barber and that is why he will consider the suggestion barber is going to make.

The competition is tough but Lionel Barber is “sifting” the entire choices at hand to come up with an editor who can replace him and prove that Barber was absolutely right!

This choice is special important now when the readers of FT have reached 2.2 million worldwide, 600,000 paying users, over 285,000 digital subscribers, and 4.5 million registered users according to figures collected in 2011.