Find Out How Modern Dating Is Destroying Love

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Alienated, dating has become like an unknown thing in society. Modern day dating apps, websites, match makers and erotic chat rooms have completely ruined the prospect and thrill of finding your perfect partner in a coffee shop or while shopping for books. Nowadays, everyone’s face is always glued to their phone and they are busy swiping left and right on Tinder. Here are four reasons why you should stop depending on modern dating methods and start being innovative in your life partner search.

Look Up and Smile

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Your future lover could be sitting across of you on the bar or ordering their morning coffee right behind you and you would never know of their existence because your nose is stuck in your phone. Maybe they are even trying to make a move, but your hostility towards the outside world is discouraging them.

Communicate and Talk

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Your best opportunity to interact with society and maybe potentially find “the one” is through chatting. Not online! Start up a friendly conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane, beside you on the bus, behind you at checkout, across you at the bar, or living next door…etc. You never know!

Leave Your Phone! Better Yet, Uninstall Your Dating Apps

Ever felt like you wanted to stop using dating apps but could not do that? You just can’t bring yourself to stop swiping! Well here’s a tip: just uninstall the apps. It takes another flick of your finger to click the “Uninstall”. JUST DO IT! Only  then you will notice the real smart friends and acquaintances around you.

Connect with Your Soul

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Not all of you are dead inside. You may have a bunch of love-ly emotions in that heart of yours; you just need some inspiration to show your true colors. Regard other people with respect, love those who you are attracted to, show the ones you love all the affection you have and last of all; life is too short to be afraid of getting heartbroken. Take the plunge, there’s always someone wanting to feel the warmth of your company.