The Gender Gap On Alcohol Intake Is Growing Smaller

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Gender differences are so last century, right? Well, how much we wish they didn’t exist at all! But, they do and one of the biggest differences is the drinking one. Many people think that men drink more than women and that drinking is not exactly a womanly habit. Apparently, with new research studies it turns out that women are now consuming nearly as much alcohol as men do. Do you think female equality and feminism went a little too far?

This Isn’t Good!

Tim Slade, an epidemiologist with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Center at the University of New South Wales in Australia says that from recent data women all around the world have started increasing their alcohol intake. Is that a good thing? Of course not! It’s the men’s job to make irrational decisions (kidding). But in all seriousness, this rise in female drinking has resulted in harmful behavior and negative health impacts.

Where’s Their Inspiration Coming From?

Why exactly? We don’t know for sure.  Women have started increasing their alcohol consumption and Slade suggests that maybe it’s because drinking has become widely accepted and women are now gaining a greater upper hand in society than they usually did. Paul Rinaldi, director of the Addiction Institute in New York states that another reason could be because of stress. Working women who have to upkeep a family usually find it hard to bear all that pressure and stress.

Why Only Recently?

It is actually not known how much alcohol women have been consuming since the invention of alcohol.  It was considered taboo in the old days for a woman to indulge in drinking! So many females drank in hiding. One can never know how many women still drink in hiding and maybe women were even the biggest drinkers, just too oppressed to show it.