Your Friends Are All Getting Married

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There are many single people out there and unfortunately, their former single friends are getting engaged and planning their weddings like normal adults. But “adulting” is overrated and so how about we stick to the saying: “to each his own”. Quit feeling miserable over how your friends are going to get married and be happy with someone for the rest of their lives.  Instead think of a wedding present. No matter how close or distant you are from that friend, every bride deserves a wedding present. Instead of being jealous, get her a wonderful gift to show her how happy you are for her. Kind of.

Does it Have to Be Expensive?

Actually, gifts do not depend on their money’s worth. It matters more about how valuable the gift is. Thus, your best option is a cookbook.  Kind of. The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland was actually published and compiled for this exact reason.

How and Why Does it Make the Perfect Wedding Gift?

Newlyweds love to spend time with each other and do basically everything they can together. Cooking is the number 1 thing to do on their list that is both fun and super romantic to do by each other’s side. The book brings easy and contemporary recipes that can be cooked without a hassle and are unique. Who does not love to invest their evening/night time with their SO, cooking up delicious meals that they both can devour afterward! Sounds better than a date at the most expensive restaurant in town!

Customers’ Approval

The buyers on Amazon have personally stated that the book supplies recipes for two people, a small crowd and lastly a proper buffet type of dinner that can suffice a huge party of people. Some people were not even looking for a wedding gift, they just purchased it for themselves. That is how good the recipes are!

Whether you want to cook alone or give a friend a wedding gift, this book will fulfill your culinary desires better than any man! Kind of….