Tone It Up Girls Showcase The King of All Full Body Workouts

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Just because Fall is here, does not mean you get to let your body go to its old habits. And that is? Being a TV watching  ice cream binging couch potato! Just because the world outside is all dreary, doesn’t mean your life has to be dreary, too (#deep). So, why not start your own winter workout routine with the “Tone Up Girls’” full body work out?

How Does The Workout Help?

tone it up girls

The best type of  workout is the one that works every single muscle in your body. Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn have devised their own workout that absolutely destroys your body fat and leaves your muscles deliciously carved.

So How Does It Go?

tone it up girls

The workout basically starts off with stretching.  Very important.  Most people hate stretching. It helps in elevating the cramping aftermath sensation. Then you do a warm up that readies your body for the actual workout that shall follow afterwards. Oh, and you also have to pause between your workout and stretch a little more for optimum results and the least amount of cramping!

What’s The Real Deal?

tone it up girls

The actual exercise that you get into after stretching and warming up starts with the Bikini Walkout and it exercises ever last inch of your body. Planks are also a focal part of the workout because of their ability to work the core. You also need to perform elbow to knee touches that help in training your sides. These are tough but really work!

Upgrades on Upgrades

If you thought that up there was the real deal, wait till you get down to doing side planks and triceps’ pushups. In between these workouts you have to stop and perform some more stretches like the dolphin pose so you don’t cramp your muscles to infinity.

Check out their complete video for a live walkthrough.