TOP 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Significant Other

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Dating seems to be the hardest struggle in today’s world, besides education. Every woman and man is tired of spending sleepless nights on their own and having miserable breakfast on their own. They want romance! They want to have miserable breakfast with someone they love and bear the sleepless insomniac nights beside someone they truly adore. So…what is the trick? How do you find someone you are sure about?

Behave  How You Want to Be Treated

You can’t be a horrid person and expect  wonderful treatment! Can you? Treat others  the same way you would like to be treated. Remember and value your friends over anyone else. Yes! Even if you have just started an absolutely dreamy relationship, remember your friends who stuck by you for a way longer time than him or her.


Be Heard

Straight up say what you want. In a relationship, truth and honesty is the #1 policy.  Don’t ignore your desires and wants but speak them out!


Do They Disapprove of Your Goals?

There is nothing worse in the whole world than a girlfriend or a boyfriend who doesn’t want you to succeed and disapproves of your goals and ambitions. First of all, you don’t need that negativity in your life. Second of all, you need an SO that drives and inspires you to strive forward in life.

Bare Your Heart

Yes, this works for you men too! Ladies and men,  alike,  love their beloved to be vulnerable. Talk to them, tell them what you love, tell them your favorite childhood memories, discuss your future plans with them, tell them what makes you sad and open up to them. They’ll return the favor. And there borns a healthy and open relationship.

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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

You can’t imagine the pain you are putting your lover through when you don’t speak, talk your heart out and discuss with them whatever you like. Staying mum in a relationship equals to a one-sided, toxic, depressing, negative relationship that eventually will turn into heartbreak and a bad experience.