Whats Worse For Your Brain — Marijuana or Alcohol?

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What is Worse for Your brain – Marijuana or Alcohol

When it comes to the human brain, alcohol has more dire effects on it. Teenagers and long-users of alcohol suffer significantly. The human brain consists of gray and white matter. Gray matter decreases while the white matter loses its integrity from alcohol use which weakens the connection between the brain cells. On the other hand, marijuana has no bad effects on both gray and white matters of the brain in short-term use.

Alcohol or Marijuana – What is the Difference?

A new study finds some important differences between the two but this is not what we can call the final result. The study is based on a month’s observation of cannabis use. Moreover, the study elements used marijuana used pot on low level, too. Kent Hutchison, the study’s lead author, says that marijuana could have bad effects on the brain that this study could not measure.

The study has brought to light some mixed results.  An animal study done previously shows that some compounds found in marijuana can be neuro-protective but the study on human shows varied results which are insufficient to draw a clear picture. One larger and more focused study found out that long term use of marijuana can weaken the integrity of white matter especially in young users.

Alcohol VS Cannabis

Heavy alcohol is neurotoxin and gray matter of the brain declines while the white matter loses it quality making the connections in brain cells difficult. Cannabis has no such effects but in order to find the answer to many more questions linked to the long-term use of marijuana, it is necessary that long-term pot users are put under a study. Hutchison added that we also need to find out what are the effects of the interaction of both alcohol and cannabis because those who use one, use the other, too.