Why You Should Wait for the Right Guy

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It is a common misconception amongst ladies that they need to fall in love and find “their man” before they even turn 20 years old. And that may work for a teensy percentage of the woman population; it does not work for all the female population. So, those ladies who have friends that have met their future husbands in high school should not think that does have to happen with them too! Sometimes luck finds its way to some people but takes time until it reaches others. Here is a list of reasons why you should not settle for any guy but wait for the right guy:

  • He will ease your uncomfortable silences.

  • He will boost your confidence and morals.

  • He will encourage you to take positive steps in the future in regards of your career, life and education.

  • He will hold your hand when you cross the street and your waist when you step off the curb prematurely.

  • He will make you laugh so hard that happiness shall linger around the corners of your mind hours after the moment has passed.

  • He will constantly keep trying whether it is with handwritten notes, flowers, home cooked meals straight from the pan on the kitchen counter or dinner plans made at the last minute.

  • He will care…for your mental health, physical health, spiritual health, mood, happiness…he will care!

  • He will proudly introduce you to all his friends, family, acquaintances and will not hesitate in calling you “my girl”.

  • He will stay true to his word, no matter what.

  • He will talk about your guys’ future without hesitation. He will want a future with you.

  • He will make you feel loved, worth it and he will put a smile on your face even in your darkest days.

  • He will accept you for who you are and love you the way you are.

  • He will always touch your arm, hold your hand, places his hand on your leg, links his arm with yours, put his arm around your waist and always physically communicate with you.